Primary School No. 16 with Special Needs Departments in Żory is a public institution, with 434 students (7-15 years old). In total, there are 22 classes. It employs 75 teachers. The school is architecturally adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Due to that fact, school employs/ hires a number of specialist teachers, such as a psychologist, school counselor, speech therapist, special education teachers who are qualified in the field of special education. The school has: a day room, library, canteen, gym, lab, sports field complex and a garden.

Students can join many after school activities: theater, music, dance, language, science, IT and sports. Pupils can also attend compensatory classes and individual support classes.

The number of students in special education classes varies from 15 to 20, including up to 5 students with special needs. There are two teachers working in that kind of classes: a subject teacher and a teacher with a special pedagogical background, a teacher who co-organizes education.

The main goal of our school is to ensure comprehensive development for all people, both students and teachers in the most friendly educational environment possible.

We are constantly training and looking for new solutions for our students. Teachers working at the school are comprehensively educated specialists, and at the same time people with passion and experience who love their work.

For many years, we have developed effective methods of working with children with special educational needs: both those in need of additional, specialized support, and those who perfectly cope with the challenges of today’s world.